PartnerRe erwirtschaftet Rekordgewinn

06.02.2015 – Der Rückversicherer PartnerRe hat das Geschäftsjahr 2014 mit einem Rekordgewinn von mehr als 998 Mio. Dollar abgeschlossen. Im Vorjahr betrug dieser noch 597 Mio. Dollar. Auch für die Aktionäre verlief das abgelaufene Geschäftsjahr erfreulich: Sie erhalten eine Dividende von 19,51 Dollar pro Aktie.

BusinessWire reports:

Operating earnings or loss excludes certain net after-tax realized and unrealized investment gains and losses, net after-tax foreign exchange gains and losses, certain net after-tax interest in results of equity method investments, the loss on redemption of preferred shares and certain net after-tax withholding tax on inter-company dividends (included in other expenses), and is calculated after the payment of preferred dividends. All references to per share amounts in the text of this press release are on a fully diluted basis.

Commenting on results, PartnerRe Interim Chief Executive Officer David Zwiener said, “We had an excellent year in 2014, posting an operating return on equity of 13.5 percent, above our long-term average. While financial markets remained somewhat volatile during the year, we realized sizeable gains in our investment portfolio, which when combined with the strong operating results, culminated in us delivering dividend-adjusted tangible book value growth in excess of 19 percent. These results are particularly gratifying given the very difficult reinsurance operating environment.” (vwh/td)

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