Paris Attacks: Importance of Corporate Preparedness

17.11.2015 – Seymour“The attacks are a harsh reminder of the ever-present threat of mass violence and the importance of developing, maintaining, and exercising corporate-level crisis management, emergency response, and business continuity plans”, says Chandra Seymour, Senior Vice President, MRC Reputational Risk and Crisis Management from Marsh.

“Integrated and well-practiced crisis and continuity plans can prepare you to meet a crisis and help those employees who may need it most.” Plans in place can help companies through a terrorist or a natural disaster. Important are with Chandra Seymour from Marsh Insurance Brokers:

Crisis Management
Seymour: After an attack, organizations need to move quickly and efficiently to understand the potential impacts to people, property, and operations, and make policy/strategy decisions to address and manage those impacts.

Crisis communications
Seymour: During a crisis, it is critical that your company’s messages and communications are linked to reinforce the overall strategies and decisions made by the crisis management team.

Emergency response
Seymour: The tactical process designed to respond to physical incidents is critical if your company or employees are near the scene of the event.

Humanitarian assistance
Seymour: The provision of support during and after an incident should include physical, social, emotional, and financial help, as needed.

Business continuity
Seymour: Plans should account for the management and logistical process for continuing or resuming, and recovering partially or completely interrupted critical business functions.

Information technology/disaster recovery

Seymour: Ensuring that technology is up and running efficiently may help support business continuity, including work-from-home and other strategies (siehe DOSSIER).

Picture: Chandra Seymour, Senior Vice President, MRC Reputational Risk and Crisis Management from Marsh. (Source: Marsh)

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