Marsh erweitert weltweite Schaden-Datenbank

05.11.2014 – marshVersicherungsmakler Marsh hat seine Schaden-Plattform erweitert. Über 300 Mrd. Dollar aggregierter möglicher Schadenforderungen umfasst die globale Datenbank jetzt, auf die Kunden und Makler in Echtzeit zurückgreifen können. 20 Branchen in dutzenden Ländern sind laut Pressemitteilung eingepflegt.

Since being introduced to the market, Marsh Analytics Platform MAP has enabled clients to leverage a holistic look at risk financing, with some clients experiencing up to 10-to-one returns on investment and 5% to 15% cost savings.

Marsh has used iMAP — the mobile version of the platform — to assist thousands of clients in evaluating risk financing through a dynamic, real-time, and customized experience.

Marsh’s Global Loss Data Library now represents over US$300 billion in aggregate claims. It contains data derived from dozens of countries and more than 20 industries, combining claims and placement information to deliver a complete picture of current and emerging trends in risk. With this database, the MAP solution is comprehensively positioned to answer the question of what losses have not happened yet, but could. This forward look is the critical first step in empowering clients to gain a more complete look at risk and optimal risk financing solutions.

With that foresight, combined with careful analysis of a broad range of company-specific financial data points, Marsh can assist a company in determining its unique risk appetite and tolerance positions. Ultimately, clients gain a broader and more transparent evaluation of the key components of risk across the enterprise that can support a determination of the lowest possible “economic cost of risk” based on their own financial profile and outlook. (vwh)

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