Kampagne: Social-Media Einbrecher verkauft Waren via Web

13.01.2015 – AllstateEine Kampagne der anderen Art fährt aktuell der US-amerikanische Versicherer Allstate: in diversen Videospots verkauft ein vermeintlicher Einbrecher Wertgegenstände eines jungen Paares, das im Umgang mit Social Media etwas zu leger war. Heirat, Umzug und Urlaub – gepostet bei Twitter, Facebook und Co. – bieten mitunter den idealen Anlass für Beutezüge.

More and more burglars are turning to social media to find their next target. Recently, a small study of convicted burglars revealed that seventy-eight percent of robbers use social media to do just that. Thirty-five percent of Americans ages 18-34 socially share their location, while one-in-five people still do not use privacy settings on social media.

“Mayhem helps us highlight relevant vulnerabilities that consumers may or may not realize they face. With many people traveling over the holidays—and posting their whereabouts online—the timing was perfect for this message,” Sanjay Gupta, executive vice president of marketing, innovation and corporate relations, at Allstate Insurance Company. “Part of helping people live a good life every day is keeping them educated about and protected from potential modern-day risks, like oversharing on social media.”

A fictional social savvy burglar saw those posts, let himself in, and sold everything they own right here on his website. (vwh/ku)

Link: Mayhemsale of the couples’ car (Video-Advertising)

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