Drohnen in der Feuerbekämpfung

08.10.2014 – Drohne_Joerg Brinckheger_pixelioFeuerbekämpfung könnte in Zukunft per Drohnen erfolgen und so zur Sicherheit von Betroffenen beitragen. Angesichts der steigenden Zahl im Einsatz zu Tode gekommener Feuerwehrmänner, plädiert John A. Frank von der XL Group für die Nutzung dieser Option.

John A. Frank’s , Senior Vice President of the XL GAPS Loss Prevention Center of Excellence, contributes the following to XL Groups Newsportal Fast Fast Forward: Anything that could save firefighters lives has got to be good.

After several years on a downswing, on-duty firefighter deaths were up in 2013. There were 1,240,000 fires reported in the US in 2013 according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These fires resulted in 3,240 civilian deaths, 15,925 civilian injuries and $11.5 billion in property damage. Ninety-seven firefighter deaths occurred.

Drones are an important new tool for firefighters. Besides the cost, they can fly where it’s too dangerous for humans, such as the Yosemite and Stone Creek Quarry. In Germany, they are experimenting with using smaller drones inside structural fires to determine where the fire is heading. Drones are also being used by EMS and firefighters for emergency situations, such as multiple accidents, gas or oil pipeline explosions. Drones can see places people can’t. Before drones, humans were put at greater risk. Now, there’s an option. (vwh)

Bildquelle: Jörg Brinkheger/ pixelio

Link: When the going gets hot, the drones get going

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