Van Hulle: Solvency II is good for you

03.08.2015 – karel_van_hulle_icir“Ob Solvency II im Bereich der Bancassurance zu breiter Konsolidierung führt, wird sich zeigen”, erklärt Karel van Hulle, Lehrstuhlinhaber in Frankfurt und einer der Gründungsväter von Solvency II im Sommerinterview mit VWheute. Er glaubt indes auch nicht, dass der italienische und französische Markt über Gebühr belastet werde. Van Hulle arbeitet aktuell an einem Buch mit dem Titel “Solvency II is good for you.”

VWheute: In a recent interview you said that Solvency II will not lead to market consolidation. Does this statement concern bancassurance as well? This plays a major role in several European markets such as France and Italy.

Karel van Hulle: An important advantage of Solvency II is that it brings the solvency regime for insurance undertakings closer to the capital adequacy regime in banking: both regimes are risk based, although Solvency II might be considered as a more developed model. This alignment of the two solvency regimes will make it easier to manage bancassurance groups. Whether this will lead to more consolidation in the market needs to be seen. The dynamics for large financial groups is different from that for small or medium-sized financial institutions. I see no reason why the bank insurance model in France or in Italy would be negatively impacted by Solvency II. On the other hand, I do not believe that the French or Italian model can be easily copied in other member states.

VWheute: What are your personal and business goals for the rest of the year?

Karel van Hulle: My personal goal is to finish as soon as possible my book on Solvency II. From a business perspective, I will continue to promote the dialogue between academia, the insurance world and insurance supervisors through the International Center for Insurance Regulation at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

VWheute: Where did you spend your vacation or how do you plan to spend your vacation?

Karel van Hulle: I am not a holiday person but do feel the need to recharge my batteries from time to time, preferably at the coast or in the mountains, with long walks combined with good food and wine.

Questions by VWheute-Editor David Gorr.

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