“Niklas”: Experten rechnen mit Schäden in Milliardenhöhe

09.04.2015 – SturmDas Orkantief “Niklas” hat in Europa nach Schätzungen von Experten Milliardenschäden angerichtet. So gehen die Versicherungsexperten von AIR Worldwide aufgrund von Modellberechnungen davon aus, dass auf die Versicherer Zahlungen in Höhe von 1,0 bis 1,9 Mrd. Euro zukommen. Ein Großteil der Schäden sei demnach in Deutschland zu verzeichnen. Allerdings gehen die Experten von weiteren Schadensmeldungen aus dem europäischen Nachbarland aus.

Artemis reports:

“European windstorm Niklas struck northern Europe on the 30th March, causing damage across a number of countries in the region. Perils AG, the European insurance loss data aggregator, has already announced that it would be analysing the losses from Niklas as it expected the impact to grow above the €200m threshold it sets for events to require reporting on.

On March 29, a low pressure system (Niklas) formed and then strengthened the next day as it moved southeastward over Europe,” commented Yörn Tatge, managing director of AIR Worldwide GmbH. “On March 31, Niklas developed into a strong storm centered over Denmark and the southern Baltic Sea, bringing high winds and heavy precipitation to Germany and parts of the UK. By the evening of March 31, Niklas’s cold front arrived in the alpine region of Germany, causing widespread intense precipitation and strong squalls. Recorded wind speeds for Niklas across Germany ranged from 119 km/h in various coastal areas and on Wasserkuppe, 151 km/h on Feldberg in the Black Forest, up to the maximum reported measurement of 192 km/h on Zugspitze, which is Germany’s highest mountain.

Tatge concluded, “Gust wind speeds compared to mean wind speeds were unusually high and compare to values for Kyrill in 2007. Although the average wind speeds for Niklas are lower than for Kyrill, the extent of damaging winds is comparable, which makes Niklas one of the larger storms to have impacted Europe.”

At 1 to 1.9 bio. Euro, the insurance industry loss from windstorm Niklas will not worry catastrophe bonds, but it could become a concern for some reinsurance programmes, if any European primary carriers are particularly badly hit.

That could have an impact on certain ILS funds that participate in European reinsurance programmes on a collateralized basis. However, at the current estimated 1 billion to 1,9 bio. euro of insurance industry loss, any impact to ILS funds will likely be minimal.” (vwh/td)

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