Neue Ideen von Eiopa-Chef Bernardino – Rede online verfügbar

21.11.2013 – eiopa“Building a credible and respected supervisory authority” lautete die Überschrift der Rede, die Eiopa-Chef Gabriel Bernardino auf der dritten Jahreskonferenz der Europäischen Aufsichtsbehörde für das Versicherungswesen und die betriebliche Altersversorgung in Frankfurt am Main hielt. Die Rede, in der Bernardino neue Produktideen der Branche anmahnt um sich für die Zeit nach der Einführung von Solvency II zu wappnen, ist nun auf der Eiopa-Website veröffentlicht worden. Hier erste Ausschnitte:

Speaking at the Eiopa Annual Conference last year, I named three steps that I found necessary in order to move forward with the Solvency II implementation:
I. The commitment from the political institutions on a clear and credible timetable for the implementation of the new framework;
II. A political agreement on a sound and prudent regime for the valuation of long-term guarantees;
III. The launch of an interim phase for Solvency II implementation, to be coordinated by Eiopa.
One year later, I am happy to state that progress has been made on all three steps.


I am proud that with regard to the Solvency II interim phase, we fully comply with the commitments that we made last year. In the course of 2013, Eiopa put out for public consultation four sets of preparatory Guidelines: system of governance, including risk management; forward looking assessment of the undertaking’s own risk (based on the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) principles); submission of information to National Competent Authorities (NCAs); and pre-application for internal models.

We welcome the decision of the European Commission to focus its proposal for the revised IORP Directive on the improvement of governance, reporting requirements and transparency of occupational pension funds. Over 2014 we are going to improve definitions and methodologies for asses sing the holistic balance sheet in order to present to the European Commission with a number of further technical proposals for a European risk-based prudential regime that appro priately reflects the specific reality of pension funds.



Firstly an appropriate budget framework that will ensure the overall efficiency of the Authority, reinforce its operational independence and ensure the necessary human and financial resources.

Secondly, in order to ensure an adequate and consistent level of supervision, for the benefit of consumer protection and financial stability, the current power of Eiopato conduct an inquiry into a particular type of financial institution, type of product, or type of conduct, should be extended.

Thirdly, it is essential to avoid the burdensome case-by-case discussions on Eiopa’s access to individual company information. Going forward, Eiopashould obtain access to the information included in the harmonised templates developed for Solvency II in a direct and efficient way. (vwh)

Link: Rede von Eiopa-Chef Bernardino in voller Länge (engl.)

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