Versicherer beziffern Sturmschäden in den USA auf 2,3 Mrd.

10.04.2015 – Winter_Claudia Hautumm_pixelioDer lange und harte Winter 2014/15 in den USA kostet die Versicherungsbranche nach Angaben von Property Claim Services (PCS) und der Munich Re etwa 2,3 Mrd. US-Dollar. Die wirtschaftlichen Schäden sollen sich auf insgesamt 3,2 Mrd. US-Dollar belaufen. Dies seien rund 1,2 Mrd. weniger als im vorangegangenen Winter.

Artemis reports:

Munich Re America, Senior GEO Research Specialist, Mark Bove advised that the bulk of U.S. winter storm claims related to burst, frozen pipes which caused water damage to buildings and personal items.

“The remainder of insured losses across the winter season were primarily associated with roof damage due to the weight of snow and ice, freezing rain events downing trees and power lines, ice damming on roofs, and automobile accidents due to slippery driving conditions,” added Bove.

Boston witnessed the biggest amount of snowfall in its history as New England states were battered by snowstorms during January and February.

Despite an estimated $300 million of insured losses coming from strong winter storms in California, intense drought conditions emphasised by low levels of snowpack in the Sierra Nevada resulted in the states first mandatory water restriction.

Discussing the extreme temperature variations witnessed in the U.S. during its 2014/2015 winter season, Eberhard Faust, of Munich Re GEO Research/Corporate Climate Centre said: “If divided in two parts, the eastern part of the US in February had temperatures more than 9°F below average, while temperatures in the western US were more than 7°F above average.” (vwh/td)

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Link: Re/insurers to pick up $2.3B of 2014/15 U.S. winter storm losses

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