Transportversicherung als strategische Aufgabe für Reeder und Manager

27.10.2014 – containerschiff_logo_air_150Neue Wege in der Transportversicherung als strategische Aufgabe für Reeder und Manager. So lautet Motto und Aufgabe der zweiten Transportversicherungskonferenz der Asia Insurance Review (AIR), die heute und morgen im Mandarin Orchard Hotel in Singapur stattfindet. Prominente Referenten mit weltweit bewegenden Themen (u.a. Costa Concordia) werfen eine Blick in die zukünftige Welt des Transports zu Wasser und zu Lande.

Die Transportversicherungsbranche mit dem Hotsport Asien als Hub und Drehscheibe für den internationalen Warenverkehr musste zuletzt noch eine Downgrading durch die Ratingagentur Moody`s hinnehmen, doch für 2015 sieht man positiver in die Zukunft, doch es bleiben Fragen und Aufgaben, wie der Veranstalter im Vorfeld kommunizierte:

There is no doubt the P&I Clubs in the International Group have enjoyed a better time in the past 12 months – large claims are down and reserves are up; financial performance among the main clubs is steady if not spectacular.

A new study by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty reveals that the number of large ships lost in 2013 was down by 20% over the previous year, reflecting an overall steady decline in ship losses in the past decade. Does this mean better renewal terms all around?  

The inherent tension in the dynamic between Ship Owners and their Insurers is set to continue.  Hull underwriters continue to face a sea of red ink, even though the P&I market is more stable. But owners continue to face low freight rates, over-capacity in major trades and sectors and higher operating costs. The risks faced are much higher despite pressures for cost savings.

Can the aim of a long term strategic partnership between Ship Owners and their Insurers ever become a reality?

Can underwriters go beyond the yearly renewal process and really become risk management partners to Ship Owners and Ship Managers?
Many argue there is a need to align underwriter’s interest most closely with Owners by providing value added services and frills that go beyond just rates.

This two-day conference will go beyond the usual to take stock of the current health of the Marine market to seek innovative and sustainable solutions to make Marine Insurance a viable strategic priority for Shipowners and Managers from all angles. (siehe DOSSIER)

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