Marsh: Gute Wirtschaftsaussichten in China und Indien

22.12.2014 – China_yanMarsh hat für das kommende Jahr drei Länder mit guten Aussichten für ökonomische Reformen identifiziert: China, Indien und Indonesien. Pessimismus hingegen bestehe bei potenziellen wirtschaftlichen Vorhaben in Russland. Das sind Ergebnisse der „Political Risk Map 2015“ des Versicherungsmaklers in Zusammenarbeit mit Business Monitor International (BMI).

Asia Insurance Review says:

“In China, President Xi Jinping has taken action against corruption, and is aggressively consolidating his political position,“ said Mr Yoel Sano, BMI’s head of Global Political and Security Risk. „There is reason to be cautiously optimistic in his ability to enact some needed reforms, such as rebalancing the economy to be driven more by consumption than fixed investment and exports, liberalizing the financial system, and reducing the role of the state.” India and Indonesia both have new leaders who are backed by strong electoral mandates and are more inclined to enact reform than their predecessors.

Mr. Evan Freely, Marsh’s Global Credit & Political Risk Practice leader, said: “2015 is likely to bring a continuation of heightened political risk in many parts of the world. As such, multinational organizations need to stay ahead of the key issues impacting the countries and regions in which they operate and have broad, multi-hazard plans in place to protect their strategic interests.” (vwh/ell)

Bild: Schangai (Quelle: Heng Yan)

Link: Good reform prospects seen for China & India in ’15-Marsh

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