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Ebola: Langzeitrisiko für Versicherer

30.10.2014 – ebola_150Wie gelähmt beobachtet die Welt das Ausbreiten des tödlichen Ebolavirus über die betroffenen Kernzonen in Westafrika hinaus. Für die Versicherungsindustrie geht es um die Frage, mit welchen Belastungen zu rechnen ist. Im Online-Portal Property&Casualty 360 hat sich der amerikanische Wissenschaftler und Ökonom Dr. Dr. Steven Weisbart mit der Materie befasst. 

In a paper written by Dr. Dr. Steven Weisbart, senior vice president & chief economist, the III said the WC category will likely be most affected because health-care workers could be most directly exposed (as happened in Texas and in several African countries).

Other possible effects might be on various liability insurance lines, such as general liability, directors & officers (D&O) liability and medical malpractice (Med Mal) liability, Weisbart said in his paper.

Weisbart said that WC would be primarily impacted because it pays for the cost of medical care and lost income for people who become ill in the course of their work, and pays death benefits if they die from a work-related cause.

“As with life insurance, it is unlikely that many workers in the main affected African countries have workers compensation-type coverages,” he said.

Citing the latest Swiss Re report, Weisbart said that the level of premiums per capita for all non-life insurance coverages combined (not just WC) in the three most-affected countries” is so low as to not be listed.”

Fortsetzung des jüngst veröffentlichten Berichts von Weisbart unter beigefügtem Link. (vwh)

Bild: Ebola Virus unter dem Mikroskop. (Quelle: eyeofscience)

Link: “Here’s what Ebola will mean for the P&C industry over the long term”

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