Cyber-Angriffe auf Rekordhöhe – Budgets gehen zurück

02.10.2014 – Cyberattacke_ugaldew_sxcCyber-Security relevante Angriffe haben im vergangenen Jahr um 48 Prozent zugenommen. 42,8 Millionen Attacken, knapp 120.000 pro Tag, verzeichnet eine aktuelle Studie von PwC. Dennoch stagniere das Budget bei durchschnittlich 3,8 Prozent der gesamten IT-Ausgaben, ein weiterer zentraler Befund, wie auch das Nachrichtenportal berichtet. reports: The survey, which polled almost 10,000 executives and IT directors, also found that regardless of company size, security spending as a percentage of total IT budget has stalled at 3.8 Prozent and shows no signs of increasing.

Recent high-profile hacker attacks on Target, Home Depot and JPMorgan have highlighted the vulnerability of U.S. corporations. In 2013, PwC reports, the number of reported security incidents increased 48% to 42.8 million, the equivalent of almost 120,000 attacks a day, and the average cost of managing and mitigating breaches rose more than a third to $2.7 million per incident.

Nevertheless, the average information security budget declined this year to $4.1 million, from $4.3 million in 2013. PwC suggested one explanation for the drop was that companies were hard-pressed to continue security investments at the accelerated pace of 2012 to 2013. Other variables could be a reluctance to increase spending during the economic recovery and strategic optimization of spending. (vwh)

Link: PwC – Managing Cyber Risks in an interconnected World (PDF)

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