Betrug durch Mitarbeiter verursacht Milliardenschäden

22.10.2014 – Betrug durch Mitarbeiter kostet Unternehmen schätzungsweise mehrere Hundert Milliarden Dollar. Dies geht aus einem Bericht der amerikanischen Hanover Insurance Group hervor. Darin benennt sie die vier häufigsten Delikte und deren Auswirkungen auf die Unternehmen. Zudem gibt sie Ratschläge, wie diese Schäden vorbeugen können.

The Hanover identifies four measures for controlling employee theft:

Pre-employment screening – Hiring honest employees is a good place to start and this can be accomplished through a thorough pre-screening process: reference checks, background checks and criminal checks can provide valuable information.

Procedural controls and devices – Written procedures addressing security protocols, company policies and what happens when they are violated by employees should be clear and concise. Workflows should be organized so that employees can act as checks on each other and a process for reporting anomalies should be established.

Improving job satisfaction – Since several of the frequent causes of theft are attributed to low job satisfaction, regular communication with employees, training programs, salary reviews and recognition by management are important strategies for employers.

Apprehending and prosecuting offenders – Sometimes the fear of being caught and prosecuted can be an effective deterrent, although less than 1% of employee thieves are prosecuted. If employers don’t want to go through the expense of filing charges, requiring employees to make restitution is another option. (vwh)

Link: Vollständiger Bericht der Hanover Insurance Group (PDF)

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