Aon Benfield: Monsoon floods cause major damage in Asia

10.07.2015 – Dieter Schuetz_pixelio.deSeasonal monsoon rains led to widespread flood and landslide damage across Asia during the last month. China was among the hardest-hit, where the Mei-Yu rains impacted southern and central portions of the country, says Aon Benfield. More than 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, total aggregate economic losses were listed at nearly USD 4.0 billion.

Elsewhere, portions of South Asia and Africa were impacted by monsoon-triggered floods that resulted in more than 140 fatalities in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Côte d’Ivoire. New Zealand’s North Island was also inundated, with one particular event causing estimated economic losses in excess of USD 82 million. Early data from the New Zealand Insurance Council cited more than 2,000 filed claims.

According to a current Aon Benfield analysis five separate outbreaks of severe weather and flooding impacted the United States throughout the month. Powerful straight-line winds, large hail, flash floods, and isolated tornado touchdowns prompted damages throughout the Rockies, Plains, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. Aggregate June losses were anticipated to well exceed USD one billion. Preliminary insured losses were north of USD 500 million and expected to be end up even higher.

A strong weather outbreak in northern China in mid-June caused significant damage to crops and property. Economic losses of USD 145 million were reported. Western Europe endured record heat, with the highest temperatures reported in parts of the UK, Iberia and France. (vwh/mst)

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