Aigner: “English may serve as link language”

07.07.2015 – Aigner_Insurance_MattersCompetence and professionalism are communicated through speech. Especially proper English skills are becoming ever more important in the international business environment. Dieter Aigner, BWV Bildungsverband Rhein-Main, explains why Business English is indispensable for chief executives and managers within the German insurance industry.

VWheute: A proper Business English is indispensable for chief executives within the German insurance industry. What are the main reasons?

Dieter Aigner: German based insurers have to assist their clients regarding any activities outside German speaking countries. Furthermore, even within Germany insurers have to deal with people who have difficulties in German. Also in these cases English may serve as link language. Think for example of claims handling.

VWheute: How far insufficient language skills can have a negative impact on business relations and procedures?

Dieter Aigner: If the insurers’ staff is not fit for conducting negotiations, a partner may have doubts whether their insurer acts professionally. Then the insurer may lose clients.

VWheute: Where do you currently deploy your knowledge?

Dieter Aigner: At the moment I am holding inhouse seminars for a leading German based industrial insurer.

Dieter Aigner has long experience in insurance business including adult vocational training. Since 2009 he has been holding seminars in Insurance English on behalf of BWV Rhein-Main. Henceforth he will present his practical learning approaches on VWheute. First lesson: The Telephone Crib Sheet. (vwh)

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