Bernardino sieht goldene Zeiten für die Branche

17.02.2014 – gabriel-bernardino-150Der Präsident der Europäischen Aufsichtsbehörde für das Versicherungswesen (EIOPA), Gabriel Bernardino, sieht für die Versicherungsbranche für das dritte Jahrtausend riesige Wachstumspotentiale. In seiner Rede anlässlich der Hauptversammlung der griechischen Versicherungsbranche in Athen sagte Bernardino:

“I believe that insurance is one of the economic activities with higher growth potential in the third millennium. In fact, the evolution of the society is creating more and more risks and citizens and businesses will be looking to transfer or mitigate them in an efficient way. This is precisely the role of insurance.

Furthermore, we will face increased demand for retirement savings products. Budget sustainability is inevitably reducing the generosity of social security systems, creating higher demand for 2nd and 3rd Pillar private savings solutions. With the improvement in longevity there is also a growing awareness that the costs of longer life expectancy will increasingly fall on households – we will need to save more in order to maintain sustainable levels of living after retirement.

By moving towards a better alignment between risk and capital, promoting good risk management practices, fostering transparency and reinforcing supervision, the new insurance prudential regime in the EU will provide citizens with a high level of protection, trust and confidence in the sector, ultimately creating conditions to develop a sound,credible and sustainable business.”

Link: Die gesamte Rede Bernardinos in Athen (PDF)

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