Eiopa: “Supervisory Convergence is Priority Number One”

02.08.2017 – bernardino_ vwhDie Digitalisierung in der Versicherungsbranche spielt auch bei der europäischen Versicherungsaufsicht Eiopa eine relevante Rolle. Wesentlich dabei ist die Definition “ethischer Standards für den Einsatz großer Daten”, betont Eiopa-Chef Gabriel Bernardino im Sommerinterview mit VWheute. Seinen Urlaub verbringt der oberste Versicherungsaufseher wie immer in Portugal.

VWheute: Everybody talks about the changes in the finance market through digitalisation. But how will digitalisation change the job of the supervisors?

Gabriel Bernardino: Technological innovations have the potential to produce better outcomes for customers, through the development of more personalised services and products, helping consumers and society to reduce their risks. At the same time they also trigger questions about privacy, fairness, and exclusion that need to be properly dealt with.

Therefore the supervisors’ role is to ensure a preventive, risk-based conduct of supervision facilitating the transformation of and digitalisation in the insurance sector. For Eiopa the protection of consumers is at the centre of what we do and is therefore a strategic objective in our digital agenda. Related regulation has to add value for consumers, such as through better products or better services.

In the context of digitalisation, Eiopa is also analysing and defining ethical standards for the use of big data, as well as addressing and analysing the impact of cyber risks, ensuring consistency in the authorisation of digital insurance start-ups. In short, our role is to make sure that consumers and business can take advantage of the opportunities that digital innovation brings, without being put at risk.

Finally, supervision can also benefit from digitalisation and new technologies to perform its role. Newly developed innovative data-analytical tools can be used for supervisory purposes such as regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance.

VWheute: What are your personal and business aims for the rest of the year?

Gabriel Bernardino: Eiopa’s strategic priority Number one is to achieve supervisory convergence across the European Union’s Member States. After the implementation of Solvency II, EIOPA shifted its focus from regulation to supervision. This shift is now reflected in our day-to-day activities and planned deliverables, such as bilateral visits to national supervisory authorities, joint on-site inspections, coordination of cross-border supervisory issues, our work on Solvency II review, the occupational pensions’ stress test, as well as all of our work concerning InsurTech and the use of big data.

Eiopa strongly believes in a holistic and integrated approach towards European prudential and conduct supervision, which is also my personal aim. In concrete terms I mean leading our Authority successfully in delivering our given mandate so that we can achieve supervisory convergence across Europe in a way that has positive and tangible results for consumers of insurance products and pensions savers.

VWheute: Where did you spend your vacation or how do you plan to spend your vacation?

Gabriel Bernardino: In my home country, in Portugal. That’s where I take time off with my family and friends close to the seaside.

Die Fragen stellte VWheute-Redakteur Maximilian Volz.

Bild: Eiopa-Chef Gabriel Bernardino. (Quelle: vwh)

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